Cordova needs a cross-platform In-App Purchase plugin

Support the campaign: add Android support to the PhoneGap/Cordova In-App Purchase Plugin for iOS. Turn it into a multi-platform In-App-Purchase solution for Cordova.

This will save many developers a lot time, making the Cordova platform much more beneficial to everyone.

The idea would be to provide as much platform abstraction as possible, allowing (ideally) identical IAP code to be written for both platforms, yet let the developer access platform specific APIs.

Fovea is raising funds so we can afford dedicating a week of development for this. We’ll sponsor ourselves half of the cost (with our own time), the remaining $1,000 from you will be enough for the initial support.

Please contribute here!

Iā€™m a consultant and developer for Mobile, Web, Games and Apps projects. I co-founded Fovea 8 years ago.

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One comment on “Cordova needs a cross-platform In-App Purchase plugin
  1. Jon W says:

    I agree — Cordova really needs a single API for in-app purchases.
    If the API was streamlined for systems that used server-side consumables (rather than phone-only) that’d be extra nice šŸ˜‰