After a summer of work, what should have been a tiny project turned into a full featured ready to use utility. Learn more here

Or go direclty download it from the AppStore !

The new Lebanese classified ads is launched by Fovea. If you're in Lebanon and need to buy or sell anything, here is the place to be:!

We just released Ultimate Othello for iPhone. It's a full-featured version: artificial intelligence, two players game, internet game.

Check it out on the AppStore!

What is this? It is the new name for Flobopuyo. We spent our nights on it for almost one year now, and it's getting better every day! The name was changed to prevent any legal issue with the puyo term, we hope you'll like the new name as much as the new features!

Developement version of Goom have been migrated to bazaar version control. Taking the oportunity to be back to work, we applied several patches fixing memory leaks and other boring stuff.

We are back to work on Goom! This is one among many things, so consider checking-out our new website for some updates this year.

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