With Spanish support, improved graphics and a new playing mode where you have to beat pod in a 5 hands game. Your best game's statistic are kept so you can try to do better!

Triplex has been accepted by Apple. It's a great little strategy game, inspired by Dominos, to occupy your long winter evenings. Play against pod, the mighty artificial intelligence, in English and French.

Baby Goo Puzzle is a great puzzle game for your baby. Developped using PhoneGap, we pushed the limit of what is possible to do in HTML 5 on a mobile and tablet. It's out today on iPad and iPhone, and it's for free!

Pushed by the success of Birdy Nam Nam, Fovea opens a website for the Arab mobile gaming community, allowing everyone to share reviews, opinions and comments about the games they play, love or hate. Check it out!

Lot of articles about us lately on important regional tech blogs. Click for more details.

Co-developed with Wryb-Tech, here comes Birdy Nam Nam, a funny little arcade games already loved by thousands of player!

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