The best backend service around to manage your In-App Purchase with Cordova is now public. It provides receipts validation and sales insights with just a single line of code added to your Cordova project.

Fovea and Goliath strike again. WordQuest, the infamous letters game, is out for free on the stores. Check it out!

We've rolled out 7 updates so far in 2016 for Triomions, players are still as numerous! The final update soon on the stores!

After 1 million of games played on iPhones and iPads, time for Android users to enjoy the Triominos game on their device.

Fovea proudly developed the official Triominos® game for mobile. It's now available exclusively on Apple devices, check it out!

Shyring is out! It's an abstract strategy game where your goal is to create lines of 5 markers by moving rings around the board. Give your brain some challenge, play Shyring!

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