FloboPop iPhone

FloboPop, a linux gaming hit reaches the iPhone


After months spent exploding bubbles into their fallout shelter, developers of Fovea are proud to announce the release of FloboPop for iPhone! FloboPop is the new version of FloboPuyo, the puzzle game for Linux that enjoyed great success under this system which really missed such good productions.

Lot of other puzzle games already exists on iPhone, but they are often far from taking full advantage of the new possibilities of interactions. Our beta-testers said they absolutely enjoyed the gameplay, because FloboPop's developers took great care to use the touch screen at its best: sliding and dropping your bubbles has never been easier.

FloboPop has been released in two flavours: Lite and Full. The Lite version is free and offers 6 opponents to fight, which should give enough fun for most players. The full version costs $2 and comes with 27 opponents, for those who really appreciate this kind of game and always want more! The last one should allow Fovea to prepare some big surprises for the next version, there are rumors of Bluetooth and WiFi networks being held hostage into our favorite developers' bunker.

For more details, please visit FloboPop's website and Fovea's. You can also contact us by email at [email protected] or on our forum.

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