Birdy Nam Nam

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  • "Embarrassingly addictive, one of the coolest simple games that I've ever seen." [ iPhone Arbs ]
  • "A great game with enough substance to give you hours of fun." [ Be Review ]

A group of Arabic scientists were experimenting a new drug on chickens, to make them new man’s best friend. But something went terribly wrong... A side effect turned the chickens into aggressive killing machines! They fled the laboratories and started invading Dubai, throwing their deadly eggs all over the place. Alongside their deadly invasion, they quickly spread over the Arabic countries, people were crazily afraid, and the faith of the human race was uncertain. One fierce guy however, decided to fight them and rescue humanity...


  • Fun & laughts
  • Easy tap & play
  • Superior graphics quality
  • iPhone4 and iPad ready HD graphics

Inside the Game

  • Shoot the birds until no one is left.
  • Select among 4 different weapons.
  • Keep your land clean of dirty eggs.
  • Beware of special birds!


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