Baby Goo Puzzle

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  • "Puzzles and animals, the perfect game for my son!" [ PascaleW ]

Baby Goo Puzzle is a great combination of learning and fun.

Very intuitive, your child will grab and move the pieces into position easily, they will snap into position with rewarding animations and sounds.

Baby Goo Puzzle keeps your baby or toddler entertained while developing his shape recognition, problem solving and motor skills. It also exposes him/her to new animals, vegetables, fruits, letters, numbers, vehicles and more in an entertaining and cute setting. It’s a great tool for you to start teaching him/her a few words while having fun.


  • 18 unique puzzles
  • Cute graphics
  • Animals, fruits, vegetables, letters, numbers, ...
  • Retina display

Inside the Game

Each puzzle has 4 or 5 pieces. The variety of puzzle types will keep your child engaged and entertained. Share some excellent moments with your angel while working together on completing the puzzles and saying out loud what the images are.

For babies and toddlers between 11 months to 3 years old but you may have to play together at first.


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